Having great hair is achievable. By great I mean healthy. Everyone is so different and even on one head lies so many textures. To fully understand how to treat your hair well, first things first: Study your hair.

       Porosity is an important factor. By taking a clean strand of hair, placing it in a container filled with room temperature water and observing whether the hair sinks, floats or stays in the middle, will determine if your hair cuticles are open or closed. If your hair sinks, then the porosity is high and this means that your hair soaks up moisture like a sponge( thicker creams work great for your hair). If your hair floats the cuticles are closed and resist letting moisture in.( Light moisturizers and lotions work best for your hair.) If your hair stays in the middle you have normal porosity and your hair receives and locks in moisture well. Do the test and that will help in knowing how to moisturize your hair. 

      Another important factor is the thickness of your strands. If you have thin strands then you would benefit from lighter creams. A thicker strand can manage heavier creams; don't be heavy handed though. Applying too much product can cause product build up and eventually hair becomes stiff, unmanageable and dry. 

       Lastly, Is your hair dense? if you have a full head of hair you need more than a dime sized amount. For my lovlies with less dense hair you will benefit from using enough product to coat hair and define your curls without weighing it down. 

Lotions, Leave ins, Light moisturizers work great for my lovlies with low porosity, fine strands and less dense hair. Butters, Creams and puddings work great for my lovlies with high porosity, thick strands, and dense hair. 

       This does take some trial and error, but knowing the science behind your hair will help you to know what products will work best for your hair. 

-Love your hair and it will love you back!

Knowing the right Product


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