Oh the ways I can love my CURLS! Let us count them all..

Undoing the do's and dont's

We've been told that our curly hair needs to be tamed. "oh wow, that hair is crazy girl, comb it". But with the turn of things I love that we have now moved away from this ideology. For reform we have to empty ourselves of past beliefs and allow a pouring in of new information. To establish sense of self one must first accept themselves. To accept means to receive without denial or judgement.

We can love ourselves only if we accept who we are. The media frenzy is quite powerful in their impact of what beautiful is. It is the straightening of self: we must straighten out the kinks in order to fit in. We must walk a certain way, dress a certain way and be groomed in accordance to popular culture or we be deemed inappropriate and ugly. Its such a harsh way to look at self through the eyes of another person or through the lens of an outdated ideal.

I love the big chop because it feels like with every move of the blade I was cutting away at these ideals and these opinions of what and who I should be. I removed the names associated with my hair and my face and replaced it with my own ideas of who I am. I am bold and strong, intelligent and down right gorgeous. You may not have done a big chop but you can still cut away all the lies and all the ideologies that have made you feel like your curls and you swirls were not beautiful. When your mom saw you for the first time she was blown away; let that be you every day when you look in the mirror. "Wow, what a beautiful creation, look at my curls what an extension of diversity and self,what an extension of beauty".


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