Newborn Hair Care

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Whether your little one was born with an Afro, a peach fuzz or a kissable little bald head, taking proper care of their hair is essential. Normally that coif your sweet baby sports after birth disappears. However some babies never lose their hair, rather it transitions into a more semi permanent state. It’s normal for newborns to shed their hair as doctors believe this is a response to pregnancy hormones. Their hair will continue to change well into their teenage years. So don’t freak out if your little ones hair changes from bone straight hair to luscious curls. Your baby’s hair is extremely delicate and will require gentle care. Opt for a light sulfate free organic shampoo that will help to rid hair of any post delivery particles or cradle cap. If your baby does have cradle cap I recommend using a bit of olive oil; I used about a teaspoon) apply to scalp using dropper or spray bottle and let sit for 5 minutes before bath time. Gently use a wide tooth baby designed comb and remove the dry patches. Apply shampoo and rinse with warm water. Sometimes you will have to do this for a couple days. At about 3-6 months your little ones’ hair might have changed dramatically. For my daughter we washed her hair once a week with Carrot Conditioner. On wash day I applied about 5 sprays of My Curly Girls Happy Roots Oil Serum. I gently massaged her scalp. I added a leave in conditioner and sprayed her tips with My Curly Girls Happy Tips Oil Serum and used My Curly Girls Sunflower Soufflé to seal all the moisture in. I always detangle her hair during washing with a wooden wide tooth comb; we purchased My Sassy Kid’s Wooden Comb and Brush Set for 12 dollars on amazon. It’s a great set and detangles her hair without breakage. The first two days after wash day her hair is always left out. We put a headband around her little curly Afro. Day 3, I Spritz her hair with My Curly Girl Refresher Spray and use a fine tooth baby comb to make finger curls. When her hair grew long enough to braid. Instead of finger curls I braided it into about 6 straight very lose braids. You should never braid your baby’s hair tightly or use rubber bands. This will not only break their hair but cause hair loss. Let your baby’s hair be free and wild. If they have a crown or long locks use protective styles that are gentle to hair such as : twists and loose braids. You’ll have all the chance to get super fancy when your little one becomes a toddler. Don’t be despaired if your baby hasn’t gotten a full head of hair as yet. Their heads will be full of hair by their second birthday. There will be plenty of styles and headbands and bows for you to try. Please remember; handle their hair gently with love and their hair will love you back. #bloggingtips #curlyhair #curlygirls #blogaboutcurlyhair #howtotreatmycurls #selflove #naturalhairproducts #naturalhairstyles #organichaircare #newproductalert #cute #naturalhairstyles #curlyhairdontcare #blackgirlmagic #natural #hairgoals #healthyhair #melanin #naturalhair #virginhair #teamnatural #art #wig #myself #braids #instagram #blackhair #protectivestyles #naturalhaircommunity #afro

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