Your beautiful baby has transitioned from creeping and rolling to tumbling and running. You’re officially the lucky parent of a Toddler. These are the years where we welcome independence and individuality. And mostly the oh so adorable big girl or big boy outfits. But another great thing about toddlers is their lovely tresses. They have outgrown their baby hair and now most likely have their heads and your hands full!

“Incoming!” There goes a blob of slime ( or pasta sauce) all over that mane. This brings us to....( roll the drums.... WASH DAY! For some parents ( like myself) it’s the dreaded wash day. My daughter hates getting her hair washed. We have invested in so many tools and tricks to ensure she’ll have more fun washing her hair. We make the process as fun or distracting and quick as possible. I always start with a pree-poo. I use olive oil to spritz her scalp and hair then I wash with a sulfate free shampoo. I shampoo her hair once a week. After shampooing I use my curly girls deep conditioner and while she plays in the tub I let it steam under a shower cap with her own body heat; this is when I detangle with her wooden big tooth comb. After shampooing and Whilst her hair is still wet I spray a small amount of My Curly Girls Happy Roots Oil Serum; massaging it in. I follow up with My Curly Girls Love it and Leave it in. To add moisture and define curls I part her hair in small sections and apply by smoothing : My Curly Girls Moisturizing Lotion and a dollop Of My Curly Girls Mango Butter. For days I want her curls more defined I use my My Curly Girls Curling Cream. I let her hair air dry and add a headband when it’s fully dried.

Wash Day doesn’t have to be dreadful. Try detangling after hair is saturated and has some kind of conditioner; this minimizes pain and breakage. I hope these tips will make wash day a breeze for you and your little one


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